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Julia Parton - oozes sensuality in this classic pictorial Janine - in a classic set from the 90s Happy Memorial Day everyone! September is the epitome of the kind of babe we love around here and that's just one of the many reasons she has been so consistently popular over the years, so we hope you enjoy this set as much as we do! Carrie Enwright vintage pics Elaine Morton vintage pics How many people can stay up all night studying for a midterm in political science, take a quick shower and then show up for an interview in complete control - charming, sparkling, witty? And still look as good as Ala... All the women you'll find here have the two things rockers need: soul and sex appeal. From January 1985.... At one point during our recent conversation with Marianne Gravatte, she whipped out a comb, ran it through her sunny locks, then braided them into a pigtail at the nape of her neck. She added a spangle from her purse... Things have a way of happening to Rachel Jeán Marteen Playmate of the Month July 1991 - Wendy Kaye... Go figure. The girl spends her entire life growing up in Lexington -- the fertile crescent of the U.S. Thoroughbred horse market. Her father is in the horse business. Her boyfriend is in the horse business. She has b... SHOWGIRL IN THE SUN a Vegas Venus mixes vitamins with va-va-voom Gone are the drear, dread days beyond recall when we were led to believe that showgirls had a pretty bad time of it in the sunshine-and-health dep... Visiting Chicago with a friend, Ruth stopped by the Playboy Model Agency to drop off her modeling portfolio. Recalling that magical visit in her Playmate Data Sheet she wrote, "I was sent to see Pompeo Posar and shor... Tonight is Ava Fabian's birthday, and she hasn't slept for two days. If she'd been back in Manhattan, her old stomping ground, she would have celebrated at the Palladium. Now that she has moved West, she gyres the ni… If there is any short cut a girl can take to becoming a Playmate, it's joining a wedding party for which the bridal pictures are shot by Glendale's William Figge Studios. Nancy McNeil, our pretty colleen for July, is… Picture this. You've survived the Everyman ordeal of moving - that is to say, you've survived but one of your most precious heirlooms, alas, has not. Let's say the movers have inadvertently damaged the framed photogr… Identical Playboy twins Playboy retro babe Teri Weigel The tender zone where flesh meets fantasy, from February 1993… BEAT PLAYMATE we find a beautnik in a coffee house When our team of researchers and photographers descended upon Los Angeles to gather material for the L.A. portion of this issue's feature, The Coffee Houses of Am… Tracy Vaccaro can walk into a Hollywood restaurant, be seated at a table next to Neil Simon and Sally Field and never give them an idle glance - as can some yogis. Tracy's poise, though, comes from a purely Western d… Miss January 1955 forever transformed the way we appreciate women Our memorable Bunny Playmate is still the pride of New Jersey Busty babe Melinda Windsor Playboy October 1988 Girl Tina Bockrath "As a high schooler in Sparks, Nevada, Laurie Wood played Miss Lonelyhearts to a circle of girlfriends. Her friends had constant ""boy trouble."" The trouble was that boys wanted two things from them - sex and more sex.…" Nicole Marciano - unbuttons her soft blue sweater and spreads In 1953 we began with Marilyn Monroe. In 1988, we searched for her successor. From January 1989… English born Playboy pet Lee Michelle Vintage babe Phoenix short little dress with black pantys Couple of lesbian babes - Belle and Jenna Nikkis vintage scene